Thursday, June 26, 2014

Allegaeon (Best thing that has ever happened) - Elements of the Infinite

Its been over a year since Ive even bothered writing a review for this blog. BUT that was before the gods of ALLEGAEON came out with their new album Elements of the Infinite. Its almost like I was woken from a great metal hibernation. Many metal albums were disappointing or just not as exciting as I would like them to be. The dudes at Allegaeon on the other hand delivered well. Not one song falls short in this 10 track album. It is melodic technical death metal at its finest! This guitar riffs are out of this world and catchier than the worst of Disney songs. Greg Burgess, Micheal Stancel and Corey Archuleta are comparable to Jedi Masters but you know...with guitars. Brandon Park stepped up to the plate that is drums and smashed the hell out of them. Ive never heard such menacing work with such great melodic beauty.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pomegranate Tiger! AMAZING.

Alright, so I was just having a ordinary weekend (well besides running into Chris Pontius from Jackass) until one of my good friends mentioned the name Pomegranate Tiger. I jumped on and my life was changed. Sheer epic beauty coming from a progressive experimental instrumental badassmental band. I feel like I could conquer the world listening to this stuff. Each song is a masterpiece that lets my imagination do its work. With melodic riffs of sear euphoric powers to breakdowns with a new edge. To beautiful piano work and the calming sound of waves. Besides maybe Scale the Summit, I've never seen so many different entities of music combined into a tasty package of awesome. They are quite literally the only thing ive listened to in the last 2 days. Check out their new album Entities on band camp and buy that stuff! You wont be disappointed, especially the song New do they do it?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Killswitch Engage have returned with Disarm the Descent!

Well the orgasmic, earth rocking, godliness that is Killswitch Engage is back with not only the return of Jesse Leach but a new album! Disarm the Descent was released today April 2nd 2013 and god dam its amazing! My preorder of the album arrived on Sat and I haven't stopped listening to it since. The return of Jesse definitely gave this band new life and they have arose brighter than ever! This album has great powerful messages and heartwarming lyrics that could swoon the ladies within just 30s. Yet at the same time it will get your heart racing and your head banging like no other!

This magnificent album starts off with The Hell In Me. One of the heavier songs in the album it creates a great sense of what is to come. Like all perfect Killswitch Engage songs it has that catchy ass chorus! At first listen you may question who the fuck is doing the clean vocals...but then you realize Jesse Leach has stepped up his game and made his voice sexier than ever! Also he has incorporated a new growl that gives a new edge to the deadly blade of Killswitch Engage.

Next up is Beyond the Flames! It has a sweet guitar melody that is infused with the soft and harsh transitions of Jesse's amazing vocals. This man knows how to make beauty tackle your emotions. One of my favorites off this album.

The New Awakening
is a heavy hitting song with less clean vocals but has the most epic ass chant mentality lyrics. Like I said earlier the lyrics are uplifting and motivating to the point that you just wanna live life the way you want and say fuck off to all others!

The 4th song In Due Time proves that Jesse just never wears out. How the fuck can you write so many songs with epic ass choruses? Like shit man its hard to pick a favorite of this album! With the growls, screams, and melodic guitar work I just cant help but get goosebumps when blasting the fuck out of this song.

Now let us give you a Tribute to the Fallen, when I fall...this song will bring me back up! One of the best songs lyrically and the fucking guitar riffs! FUCK! So fucking eargasmic!!! I must hear this song live!

Turning Point
follows the formula to the tastiness of the rest of the album. Great chorus, tasty melody and overall greatness.

Thrown Into Exile EP Releashed

A  great new band for your ears to devour with great joy! Thrown Into Exile will be touring on Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and you better go out and see them!

The opening song Not Alone has a modern melodic death metal sound with a more harsh Howard Jones sound for the clean vocals. They have mastered creating a harsh sound but all at the same time making it a beautiful catchy melody of euphoric tastiness! Ill be listening to this song to get pumped up for Mayhem on a daily basis!

Never Ending Battle would be next, its starts off with a interesting atmospheric sound and then builds into a wave of fucking epicness! At about 30s it comes crashing down upon your fragile soul and will mostly likely give you goosebumps! If I wanted a soundtrack to a never ending battle, this song would be featured! The vocals in a since remind me of Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, it varies between a shrill growl to a harsh deeper growl...the end, has the chant of "fight fight fight"...cant wait to mosh to that!

The third song on this album is Doppelganger, which starts off with more of a thrash sound but still retains that nice technical guitar work and those epic as clean vocals through out the song. The chorus and different frequencies with the vocals create such a valiant feel. I can see this song being one of the favorites off the album for sure.

Before I Go would be the 4th and final song featured on this EP. Some of the guitar work is just mmmmmm... I love that sound. Kindve got a technical sound towards the ending that reminds me of Allegaeon (who are also fucking awesome). As like the previous songs they have mastered a harsh but melodic sound.

Remember, go catch them at this years Mayhem...such a awesome fucking band! Fuck even their logo is sweet!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hatebreed - The Divinity of Purpose

Hatebreed's purpose in life is to bring on the bad ass while achieving inspiration. I will never forget the first time I heard them in 2001 within in the movie xXx (Vin Diesel). I got the soundtrack and played I Will Be Heard a million times, I think i was in 3rd grade? Anyways back to this brutal ass album.  Nothing too special in my opinion, but it defiantly does not suck! The Divinity of Purpose is the equivalent to listening to a battle speech, but this speech is not given by a mere man, but by a fucking god. The opening song Put It to the Torch will lite fire to the hairs of your ass and get you riled up and head banging! This song is followed by the anthem Honor Never Dies, Jamey Jasta never fails to create a awesome chorus that will get you chanting along with him! "SOMETIMES STANDING FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE, MEANS STANDING ALONE!" The rest of the album follows the same pattern that Hatebreed always upholds, repetitive but awesome inspirational choruses, epic and heavy ass guitar riffs and just sere awesomeness. My only complaint is that if I were to have all my Hatebreed albums on shuffle I probably would mix all these new songs up with the old...but hey its not like any of those songs are band, right? I give Hatebreed's The Divinity of Purpose 3 out of 5 stars.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Band of Orcs: Will Add your Pathetic Head to the Pile!

The great orc overlords from A Band of Orcs have released their decapitating new album Adding Heads to the Pile. These Santa Cruz, CA locals...well more like the locals who come from another dimension known as Hirntodia are by far my favorite local band. They bring a great thrash, death metal fusion of epicness upon our puny disgusting human selves. Anyways, their new album is by far their best work yet! Each song tells a tale of the orcs epic journeys in their homeland. Weather its slaying dragons, enslaving elves, conjuring dark magic, or butchering all in their path, each blood wrenching song delivers greatness. The malevolent song When the Hills Run Red, starts with such an empowering rage that I could take on dozens of fiends with my bare hands. This tune will surely bring streams of crimson blood across all battle ready hills in its path. With the mighty Gogog on vocals and Gronk on backing vocals, the song Hall of the Frozen Dead gives off a skull crushing chant. At the Mouth of Fire is the most succulent song from the album in my opinion, the melodic Amon Amarth sound to it, mmm so tasty. Gzoroth must have been pleased with this song for sure. I was very pleased to see that their was an instrumental song on this album. This instrumental song being A Deeper Evil, the song starts slow and mysterious, then builds up with a heavy guitar rift and then follows through with majestic guitar work all while Oog smashes away at the drums. The song is just so interesting, there truly is a deeper evil lurking within it. Gogog, Gronk!, Oog, Cretos and Hulg all deliver so much seer gore invested goodness in my ears throughout each song that I just couldn't help but keep listening. This album was great, entertaining and just fucking awesome. Cant wait to see you guys this upcoming friday! Hail Gzoroth!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Comedic Mastermind Brendon Small Brings us Dethalbum III

Dethklok, from the most metal TV show ever Metalocalypse have once again succeeded at giving us a epic comedic melodic death metal album for the 3rd time! Brendon Small is awesome and has an amazing mind. Usually takes me awhile to understand the lyrics in a Dethklok album, but after a few listens I found this album quite delicious. The opening song I Ejaculate Fire is everything Dethklok has to offer: humor, brutality and orgasmic bone crushing pure sweetness. But I already burned myself out on the song before the actual release of the whole album. Crush the Industry instantly made me smile with delight; the heart pumping drum and randy guitar riff sets a good start but then the rhythm guitar comes in and holy shit.....yum yum yum. The Galaxy gives off that good old Dethklok feeling, where some how guttural vocals are catchy and give off a delicate beauty when mixed correctly with a smooth melody; reminds me of Go Into the Water from the first Dethalbum. Starved sounded quite unique for Dethklok, it has a sludgy metal sound and I still don't know what episode its from haha. Ghostqueen, can you say heavy bass guitar? Dam Murderface sure is apart of this song, once again cant tell what Nathan (Brendon) is saying but this song will be one of my favorites from the album for sure. The song The Hammer also gives off that original Dethklok sound of catchy riffs and a beautiful flowing melody. The final song Rejoin is just so fucking awesome that I was saddened to know that it is the last song on the album, just check that song out for yourself. Putting that shit on REPEAT! I also recommend getting the Deluxe Edition of this album if you are a hardcore Metalocalypse fan, its got 32 min of the making of the album and brutal animated music videos that are just exploding with pure metal! I give this album 4 out of 5 stars for giving us a new epic taste of Dethklok but still retaining the pure brutal humorous essence that makes Dethklok and I really hope that I can make the Dethklok show next month!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sylosis' Brings us Monolith!

The up and coming British gents from Sylosis have created their 3rd album Monolith, and man it sure doesn't disappoint! The album may not come out till Oct 9th but they are streaming it over at Metalsucks. The album opens with and epic ass song known by the name, Out From Below. The song eases its way into the album with a soft melodic rift and then bursts into a spasm of shear epicness, with an heavy aggressive thrash sound. Another great song is The River, it starts with nice soothing sound of a flowing river in the wee hours of dawn. Then comes in the tasty guitars that both captures the repetitive thrash that crushes down upon your enemies and then highlights the sweet drifting melodies of melodic death metal that carries the souls of your enemies to their resting places.